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During Your 14-Days You'll Get...

Access To The First Two Breakthrough Sessions Of The NeuroFit™ Training System

2 Sessions Of The De-Stresser 

This 45-minute session begins the process of balancing your mind/body connection for sustained stress relief using neuroscientifically engineered Sound Therapies, Guided Visualizations & Personal Mastery Coaching.  

2 Sessions Of The Headstretch

This 45-minute session expands your brain’s ability to think outside of the box. NeuroFit™ combines neuroscientifically engineered Sound Therapies, Guided Visualizations & Personal Mastery Coaching, to re-wire the brain for sustainable emotional health & physical wellness. 

You'll Also Experience...

1 Digital Acupunture Session

In this 90-minute session, you'll work one-on-one with our certified Digital Acupuncturist who will use the Health Canada Approved Ondamed™ Bio-Feedback Technology to apply Personalized Bio-Frequency Protocols to resolve energy blockages that may be interfering with your NeuroFitness.

1 Hot Or Acu Meditation Sessions

Our NeuroFit™ Meditation Technologies have been neuroscientifically engineered to induce a deep state of zen relaxation.

Through the unique combination of Audio/Visual Entrainment, infared heat or acupressure these 20-minute sessions guide the mind into a meditative brainwave state.

1 Private NeuroPod Session

Our Private NeuroPod provides a unique and secluded NeuroFitness experience. The Private NeuroPod has been expertly designed to create a perfect acoustic chamber in order to enhance and optimize the embedded Sound Therapy component of The NeuroFit™ System.

In addition, to your Private NeuroPod Experience, you'll have the opportunity to enhance your experience by using one of the 10 NeuroFit™ Essential Oils based on the weekly themes of The NeuroFit™ Training System.

Meet Kara Granger, Miss Universe Canada Contender 2019

Kara shares her NeuroFit™ experience...